.NET Framework 4.5.2+
.NET Framework 4.5.2+
.NET Standard 2.0+
.NET 5.0+

IModelApplication Properties

Properties of the Application node provide general information on the current application.
Name Description
AboutInfoString Specifies summary information on the current application that is intended to be shown in the “About” informational block.
ActionDesign Provides access to the ActionDesign child node.
Application Provides access to the Application Model‘s root node. Inherited from IModelNode.
BOModel Provides access to the BOModel child node.
Company Specifies the company that built the application.
Copyright Specifies information about the company’s copyright.
Description Specifies information about the application.
ImageSources Provides access to the ImageSources child node.
Index Specifies the order index by which nodes are arranged. Inherited from IModelNode.
Localization Provides access to the Localization child node.
Logo Specifies the application logo image.
NodeCount Gets the number of child nodes. Inherited from IModelNode.
Options Provides access to the Options child node.
Parent Provides access to the parent node. Inherited from IModelNode.
PreferredLanguage Specifies the language that will be used in the application.
ProtectedContentText Specifies text that is displayed instead of the data protected by the Security System.
Root For internal use only. Inherited from IModelNode.
SchemaModules Provides access to the child SchemaModules node.
Templates Provides access to the Templates child node.
Title Specifies the application’s title.
VersionFormat Specifies the format which defines how the application’s version is displayed in the About Information block.
ViewItems Provides access to the ViewItems child node.
Views Provides access to the Views child node.
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