.NET Framework 4.5.2+
.NET Framework 4.5.2+
.NET Standard 2.0+
.NET 5.0+

IModelAction Properties

The Action node represents an Action’s settings.
Name Description
Application Provides access to the Application Model‘s root node. Inherited from IModelNode.
Caption Specifies the Action’s caption.
CaptionFormat Specifies the format for a SingleChoiceAction caption.
Category Indicates the current Action category.
ChoiceActionItems Provides acess to the child ChoiceActionItems node.
ConfirmationMessage Specifies the message displayed when an end-user executes the current Action.
Controller Indicates the Controller in which the current Action is contained.
DefaultItemMode Specifies the Choice Action Item that is executed when an end-user clicks the Choice Action.
DisableReasons Provides access to the child DisableReasons node.
Id Indicates the current Action identifier.
ImageMode Specifies the type of the image that is displayed by the current Action’s control.
ImageName Specifies the name of the image that is displayed on the current action’s control.
Index Specifies the order index by which nodes are arranged. Inherited from IModelNode.
NodeCount Gets the number of child nodes. Inherited from IModelNode.
NullValuePrompt Specifies the default text that is displayed in the Parametrized Action’s control.
PaintStyle Specifies the Action‘s paint style.
Parent Provides access to the parent node. Inherited from IModelNode.
QuickAccess Specifies whether the current Action is accessible via the Quick Access Toolbar (this toolbar is available when the Ribbon UI is used in Windows Forms application).
Root For internal use only. Inherited from IModelNode.
SelectionDependencyType Specifies a context for enabling the Action.
ShortCaption Specifies the caption for a Parametrized Action’s button.
Shortcut Defines the keyboard shortcut used to execute the current Action. Has effect in WinForms applications only.
ShowItemsOnClick Specifies whether to execute the Action when clicking it, or show its drop-down with items.
TargetObjectsCriteria Specifies the criteria that must be satisfied by the selected object(s) to make the current Action enabled.
TargetObjectsCriteriaMode Specifies whether all the currently selected objects must satisfy the IModelAction.TargetObjectsCriteria criteria to make the Action enabled.
TargetObjectType Indicates the type of objects for which the current Action is available.
TargetViewId Specifies the identifier of the View for which the Action is activated, or a semicolon-separated list of identifiers if the Action targets multiple Views.
TargetViewNesting Indicates the type of the View for which the Action is activated.
TargetViewType Indicates the type of the View for which the Action is activated.
ToolTip Specifies the tooltip text. Inherited from IModelToolTip.
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