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.NET Framework 4.5.2+

AppearanceController Fields

A ViewController descendant that applies conditional appearance rules to specified UI elements.
Name Description
AppearanceActionType static For internal use.
AppearanceContextAny static For internal use.
AppearanceContextDetailView static For internal use.
AppearanceContextListView static For internal use.
AppearanceLayoutItemType static For internal use.
AppearanceViewItemType static For internal use.
ControllerActiveKey static Specifies one of the keys from the ActionBase.Active collection of a Controller‘s Controller.Actions. By default, this field value is “Controller active”. You can use this field when working with the ActionBase.Active collection. Inherited from Controller.
ViewIsAssignedReason static Specifies the Controller.Active list’s reason that indicates whether a View is assigned to the current ViewController. Inherited from ViewController.
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