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.NET 6.0+

SingleChoiceAction Events

Represents a Single Choice Action.
Name Description
BehaviorChanged Occurs when the ChoiceActionBase Action behavior is modified. Inherited from ChoiceActionBase.
Changed Occurs after one of the current ActionBase object’s properties has been changed. Inherited from ActionBase.
CustomGetFormattedConfirmationMessage Occurs when the ActionBase.GetFormattedConfirmationMessage method is executed. Inherited from ActionBase.
CustomGetTotalTooltip Occurs when an Action‘s ToolTip is calculated. Inherited from ActionBase.
CustomizeCaption static Inherited from ActionBase.
CustomizeControl Fires after the control is initialized. Allows you to customize the control. Inherited from ActionBase.
Disposed Occurs when the component is disposed by a call to the Dispose() method. Inherited from Component.
Disposing Occurs when disposing of an Action. Inherited from ActionBase.
Execute Occurs when an end-user clicks the required item located in the Single Choice Action’s item list.
ExecuteCanceled Occurs after execution of the Action has been cancelled. Inherited from ActionBase.
ExecuteCompleted Occurs after all actions implemented in the Execute, ActionBase.Executed and ActionBase.ProcessCreatedView event handlers have been performed. Inherited from ActionBase.
Executed Occurs after executing an Action. Inherited from ActionBase.
Executing Occurs before an end-user performs the operation that leads to raising an Action‘s Execute event. Inherited from ActionBase.
HandleException For internal use only. Inherited from ActionBase.
ItemsChanged Occurs when a Choice Action’s ChoiceActionBase.Items property is changed. Inherited from ChoiceActionBase.
ItemTypeChanged Occurs when a Single Choice Action’s SingleChoiceAction.ItemType property is changed.
ProcessCreatedView Occurs after the ActionBase.Executed event. Inherited from ActionBase.
SelectedItemChanged Occurs when a Single Choice Action’s item is changed by an end-user.
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