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.NET 6.0+

PopupWindowShowActionExecuteEventArgs Properties

Represents arguments passed to a Pop-up Window Show Action’s PopupWindowShowAction.Execute event.
Name Description
Action Provides access to the Action being executed. Inherited from ActionBaseEventArgs.
CanCloseWindow Specifies whether to close a Pop-up Window Show Action’s pop-up Window after clicking its accepting button.
CurrentObject Provides access to the current object represented by the currently displayed View. Inherited from SimpleActionExecuteEventArgs.
PopupWindow Provides access to a Pop-up Window Show Actions’ pop-up Window.
PopupWindowView Gets a View displayed within the PopupWindowShowActionExecuteEventArgs.PopupWindow.
PopupWindowViewCurrentObject Gets the current object of the PopupWindowShowActionExecuteEventArgs.PopupWindowView View.
PopupWindowViewSelectedObjects Gets the list of objects selected in the PopupWindowShowActionExecuteEventArgs.PopupWindowView View.
SelectedObjects Provides access to the objects selected in the currently invoked View. Inherited from SimpleActionExecuteEventArgs.
ShowViewParameters Provides access to the ShowViewParameters object, specifying a View, displayed after executing the current Action. Inherited from ActionBaseEventArgs.
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