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.NET Framework 4.5.2+

CustomizePopupWindowParamsEventArgs Properties

Arguments passed to a Pop-up Window Show Action’s PopupWindowShowAction.CustomizePopupWindowParams event.
Name Description
Action Provides access to the Pop-up Window Show Action for which the PopupWindowShowAction.CustomizePopupWindowParams event has been raised.
Application Provides access to an XafApplication object that provides methods and properties to manage the current application.
Context Specifies the Frame.Context of the pop-up window which is customized by a PopupWindowShowAction.CustomizePopupWindowParams event’s handler.
DialogController Specifies a Dialog Controller which is activated for a Pop-up Window Show Action’s pop-up Window.
IsSizeable Specifies whether the pop-up Window created for a Pop-up Window Show Action is sizable.
Maximized Gets or sets a value that specifies whether the window is maximized.
Size Specifies the size of a pop-up window.
View Specifies the View that should be displayed by the Pop-up Window Show Action’s pop-up Window.
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