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Draw Borders (Lines) for Report Controls

  • 2 minutes to read

To draw borders for a control, locate the Borders property in the control’s Properties window. Then, select which borders to draw: Left, Right, Top, and/or Bottom.

The following example shows how to draw Top and Bottom borders for the XRLabel control:

The specified borders are displayed both in the Designer and Print Preview:


Print Preview

Use the BorderColor, BorderDashStyle, and BorderWidth properties to customize the border appearance.

Draw Borders for Tables

You can set borders for a table, its rows and its cells. The following example demonstrates a table in the Designer with Top and Bottom borders enabled:

The following image shows the layout of the above table in Print Preview:

If a table occupies the entire Detail band and the table’s top and bottom borders are enabled, the table borders are be duplicated in Print Preview. To avoid duplication, do the following:

  1. Select only a bottom table border.
  2. Create a group header band.
  3. Add a table header to the newly created band.
  4. Enable the header’s top and bottom borders.

Draw Common Border for Multiple Controls

To draw a common border for several controls, place the controls inside a table with one cell, and then specify the table borders:


Print Preview


Refer to the XRLine control description for information on how to use lines to visually separate report elements.