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Manipulate Table Elements

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Select Table Elements

You can click a table cell to select it and access its settings using the Property Grid or smart tag. To select multiple cells, press and hold the SHIFT or CTRL key while clicking cells.


Use the arrow that appears when a mouse cursor hovers over the table edges to select an entire row or column.


Click the table-control-select-table-button button at the table's left bottom corner to select the whole table. You can also use this button to move the table.

Resize Table Elements

You can resize a table or its cell by dragging the rectangle drawn on its edge or corner.

The following column resizing modes are supported:

  • Resizing a column changes the next column's width without affecting the other columns (keeps the table dimensions intact).


  • Resizing a column while holding the CTRL key changes the next columns' width while maintaining their proportion to the overall table (keeps the table dimensions intact).


  • Resizing a column while holding the SHIFT key shifts the next columns without changing their size.


The following row resizing modes are supported:

  • Resizing a row changes the next row's width without affecting the other rows (keeps the table dimensions intact).


  • Resizing a row while holding the SHIFT key shifts the next rows without changing their size.


You can set the same size for multiple table columns or rows. Select the required rows or the whole table, right-click the selected area and choose Distribute Rows Evenly.


If the cell's content is partially visible in the resulting row, this row automatically increases its height to fit its content and also adjusts the other rows accordingly.

You can resize columns equally in a similar way by selecting the columns or the table itself and choosing Distribute Columns Evenly in the context menu.


Reorder Table Cells

You can change the order of table cells. Select a cell and drag it to a new position.

During the drag-and-drop operation, green and blue pointers on the left indicate where the cell can be dropped.

  • The dragged and focused cells are swapped.

  • The dragged cell is placed above the focused cell.

Stretch Table Cells

You can stretch a cell so that it occupies several rows and columns. To stretch a cell across several columns, press DELETE or select Delete | Cell in the context menu to remove a neighboring cell, and resize the remaining cells.


Use the XRTableCell.RowSpan property to specify the number of rows the table cell spans.