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How to: Change values in a specific column for root nodes

The following example iterates through root nodes of the Tree List and changes the “Budget” column value for the “Sales and Marketing” department.TreeListColumn instances are used as column identifiers in the TreeListNode.GetDisplayText, TreeListNode.GetValue and TreeListNode.SetValue methods.

IEnumerator en = treeList1.Nodes.GetEnumerator();
TreeListColumn columnDep = treeList1.Columns["Department"];
TreeListColumn columnBudget = treeList1.Columns["Budget"];
while (en.MoveNext()) {
   TreeListNode childNode = (TreeListNode)en.Current;
   if(childNode.GetDisplayText(columnDep) == "Sales and Marketing") {
      decimal newBudget = (decimal)childNode.GetValue(columnBudget) / 2;
      childNode.SetValue(columnBudget, newBudget);