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How to: Load a Vector Cartesian Map from a Shapefile

To load a vector Cartesian map, do the following.

  1. Crete a ShapefileDataAdapter object.
  2. Set its CoordinateSystemDataAdapterBase.SourceCoordinateSystem property to a CartesianSourceCoordinateSystem object.
  3. Specify its FileDataAdapterBase.FileUri property.
  4. Assign this object to the VectorItemsLayer.Data property.
    // Create a vector layer and add it to the map.
    VectorItemsLayer hotelLayer = new VectorItemsLayer() {
        Data = CreateData(),
        Colorizer = CreateColorizer()
// Creates a shapefile data adapter.
private IMapDataAdapter CreateData() {
    Uri baseUri = new Uri(System.Reflection.Assembly.GetEntryAssembly().Location);

    ShapefileDataAdapter adapter = new ShapefileDataAdapter() {
        SourceCoordinateSystem = new CartesianSourceCoordinateSystem(),
        FileUri = new Uri(baseUri, filepath)

    return adapter;