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How to: Connect a Map Control to the OpenStreetMap Geocode Service

This example demonstrates how to add an image layer displaying map tiles from the OSM service and an information layer that searches for a place on the map using the OSM search service. It uses the following classes:

Class Description
ImageLayer Displays map images obtained from map image data providers.
OpenStreetMapDataProvider The class that loads map images from a web resource that provides data in the OpenStreetMap format.
InformationLayer A layer that is used to display additional information above the map.
OsmGeocodeDataProvider Provides the capability to obtain geocode data from the Open Street Map service.

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private void OnFormLoad(object sender, EventArgs e) {
    mapControl.Layers.AddRange(new LayerBase[] {
        new ImageLayer {
            DataProvider = new OpenStreetMapDataProvider() {
                TileUriTemplate = "{1}/{2}/{3}"
        new InformationLayer {
            DataProvider = new OsmGeocodeDataProvider()