.NET Framework 4.5.2+
.NET Framework 4.5.2+
.NET Standard 2.0+

CsvDocumentImporterOptions Properties

Contains options used for loading (importing) a document in CSV format.
Name Description
AutoDetectDelimiter Gets or sets a value indicating whether to automatically detect a character separating values in the CSV file.
AutoDetectEncoding Gets or sets whether the spreadsheet attempts to detect encoding of the text being imported.
CellIndexOutOfRangeStrategy Gets or sets the action performed when the spreadsheet cannot assign imported data to a cell.
CellReferenceStyle Gets or sets the cell reference style used in a source document.
ClearWorksheetBeforeImport Gets or sets whether to clear a worksheet before importing data.
ColumnTypes Provides access to the object which enables you to specify the data types for columns in an imported document.
Culture Gets or sets the culture information used to parse the data being imported.
Delimiter Gets or sets the character that separates values in the text.
Encoding Gets or sets the encoding used to interpret characters in the loaded CSV document.
MaxRowCountToAutoDetectDelimiter Gets or sets the number of rows that should be analyzed to automatically detect the character separating values in the CSV file.
MaxRowCountToImport Gets or sets the maximum number of rows which will be filled with imported data in the resulting worksheet.
NewlineType Gets or sets a character sequence used to define a new line.
StartCellToInsert Gets or sets the upper left cell of the imported data range.
StartRowToImport Gets or sets the row index of imported data starting from which the data are placed in worksheet cells.
TextQualifier Gets or sets the character that encloses values in the source text.
TrimBlanks Gets or sets whether to remove all leading and trailing white-space characters from each imported string value.
ValueTypeDetectMode Gets or sets the level of complexity to which the type of imported value is recognized.
Worksheet Gets or sets a destination worksheet to which text data are imported.
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