DxRichEdit Events

A Rich Text Editor component.
Name Description
ActiveRibbonTabIndexChanged Fires after the active ribbon tab is changed.
CalculateDocumentVariable Fires when a DOCVARIABLE field is updated and allows you to specify the field result.
DocumentContentChanged Allows you to save document content changes.
DocumentContentChanging Allows you to edit document before saving.
DocumentLoaded Fires after a document is loaded.
GotFocus Fires after the Rich Text Editor receives focus.
LostFocus Fires after the Rich Text Editor loses focus.
ModifiedChanged Allows you to track unsaved document changes.
ReadOnlyChanged Fires after the ReadOnly property value changes.
RibbonVisibleChanged Fires after the ribbon visibility is changed.
SelectionChanged Fires after the selection is changed.
ViewTypeChanged Fires after the document view type is changed.
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