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GanttTimeEditColumn Members

A column that displays time.


Name Description
GanttTimeEditColumn() Initializes a new instance of the GanttTimeEditColumn class.


Name Description
AllowSort Specifies whether users can sort columns. Inherited from GanttDataColumn.
Caption Gets or sets the text displayed within the column header. Inherited from WebColumnBase.
Collection Gets the collection to which an item belongs. Inherited from CollectionItem.
DisplayFormat Specifies the display format of column values. Inherited from GanttDataColumn.
FieldName Specifies the name of a field that provides data for a column. Inherited from GanttDataColumn.
Index Gets or sets the item’s index within the collection. Inherited from CollectionItem.
MinWidth Specifies the column’s minimum width. Inherited from GanttColumnBase.
Name Gets or sets the unique programmatic identifier name for a column. Inherited from WebColumnBase.
PropertiesTimeEdit Gets the column editor’s settings.
SortIndex Specifies the column’s indexed position among sorted columns. Inherited from GanttDataColumn.
SortOrder Specifies a column’s sort order. Inherited from GanttDataColumn.
ToolTip Gets or sets the column header’s tooltip text. Inherited from WebColumnBase.
Visible Specifies whether the column is visible. Inherited from WebColumnBase.
VisibleIndex Specifies the column’s position among visible columns in a web control. Inherited from WebColumnBase.
Width Gets or sets the column’s width. Inherited from WebColumnBase.


Name Description
Assign(CollectionItem) Copies the settings of the specified object to the current one. Inherited from GanttDataColumn.
Equals(Object, Object) static Determines whether the specified object instances are considered equal. Inherited from Object.
Equals(Object) Determines whether the specified object is equal to the current object. Inherited from Object.
GetHashCode() Serves as the default hash function. Inherited from Object.
GetType() Gets the Type of the current instance. Inherited from Object.
IsClickable() Indicates whether the column responds to mouse clicks. Inherited from WebColumnBase.
MemberwiseClone() protected Creates a shallow copy of the current Object. Inherited from Object.
OnColumnChanged() For internal use only. Inherited from WebColumnBase.
ReferenceEquals(Object, Object) static Determines whether the specified Object instances are the same instance. Inherited from Object.
SetColVisible(Boolean) For internal use only. Inherited from WebColumnBase.
SetColVisibleIndex(Int32) For internal use only. Inherited from WebColumnBase.
ToString() Returns a string that identifies the GanttColumnBase object. Inherited from GanttColumnBase.
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