DataSource File System Provider

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ASPxFileManager uses the data source file system provider when the ASPxFileManager.ProviderType property is set to DataSource.

The data source file system provider is represented by the DataSourceFileSystemProvider class, which gives you a definition of methods for getting a file and folder hierarchy, and the methods for editing file manager items.


Provider Settings

To define a data source whose file system information should be obtained, use the ASPxFileManager.DataSource or ASPxFileManager.DataSourceID property.

ASPxFileManager exposes its specific data-related properties, allowing you to specify the data source fields from which information should be retrieved. The tables below list these properties.

Required Properties

Property Name Member Type Field Value Description
IsFolderFieldName FileManagerSettingsDataSource.IsFolderFieldName Boolean A value defines an item's type (folder or file).
KeyFieldName FileManagerSettingsDataSource.KeyFieldName String Item's key value.
NameFieldName FileManagerSettingsDataSource.NameFieldName String An item's name, which is displayed within a file manager.
ParentKeyFieldName FileManagerSettingsDataSource.ParentKeyFieldName String A key value of the item's parent item.

Optional Properties

Property Name Member Type Field Value Description
FileBinaryContentFieldName FileManagerSettingsDataSource.FileBinaryContentFieldName Byte[] An array of bytes that is the file content
LastWriteTimeFieldName FileManagerSettingsDataSource.LastWriteTimeFieldName DateTime The date of the last file modification.

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