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File Download

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You can allow users to download files selected within ASPxFileManager. To enable this functionality, set the FileManagerSettingsEditing.AllowDownload property to true.

Temporary File Folder

When multiple file selection is enabled (the FileManagerSettings.EnableMultiSelect property is set to true), ASPxFileManager saves each downloaded file into a temporary file. You can use the FileManagerSettingsEditing.DownloadedArchiveName property within a specific server folder to specify the file name. To specify which folder to use, set the FileManagerSettingsEditing.TemporaryFolder property. The default folder is “~/FileManagerTemp”. Ensure that the ASP.NET application has ‘write’ access to this folder on the server.

Download Initiation

A file download can be initiated in the following manner.

File Processing

ASPxFileManager allows you to process the downloaded file and cancel the file download if required. You can respond to the initiated file download operation in the following manner:

For instance, you can use a server-side event to add a watermark to downloaded image files.