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File Manager Toolbar

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The ASPxFileManager toolbar can display the following elements:

Default Toolbar Items

ASPxFileManager includes the following default toolbar items.


The table below lists the default toolbar items, properties that allow the corresponding actions, and events that fire when the corresponding action on the items is performed.

Button Name Allow Action Property Client-Side Events Server-Side Events
Create Button AllowCreate FolderCreating, FolderCreated FolderCreating
Copy Button AllowCopy ItemCopying, ItemCopied ItemCopying
Delete Button AllowDelete ItemDeleting, ItemDeleted ItemDeleting
Download Button AllowDownload FileDownloading FileDownloading
Move Button AllowMove ItemMoving, ItemMoved ItemMoving
Rename Button AllowRename ItemRenaming, ItemRenamed ItemRenaming
Refresh Button - - -
Upload Button Enabled FileUploading, FileUploaded FileUploading

Custom Toolbar Items

In addition to default toolbar items, ASPxFileManager allows you to display custom items of the following types:

When users click a custom item, the CustomCommand event is raised, which allows you to perform custom actions. You can use the event argument’s ASPxClientFileManagerCustomCommandEventArgs.commandName parameter to identify a clicked button by its command name (FileManagerToolbarCustomButton.CommandName).


The code sample below demonstrates how to implement two custom toolbar buttons. The complete example is available in the following DevExpress online demo: File Manager - Custom Toolbar.


<dx:ASPxFileManager ID="FileManager" ClientInstanceName="FileManager" runat="server" OnCustomCallback="ASPxFileManager_CustomCallback">
     <ClientSideEvents CustomCommand="OnCustomCommand"/>
               <dx:FileManagerToolbarCustomButton Text="Thumbnails View" CommandName="ChangeView-Thumbnails" GroupName="ViewMode">
                    <Image IconID="grid_cards_16x16" />
               <dx:FileManagerToolbarCustomButton Text="Details View" CommandName="ChangeView-Details" GroupName="ViewMode">
                    <Image IconID="grid_grid_16x16" />
protected void ASPxFileManager_CustomCallback(object source, CallbackEventArgsBase e) {
     CurrentView = (FileListView)Enum.Parse(typeof(FileListView), e.Parameter.ToString());
function OnCustomCommand(s, e) {
     switch(e.commandName) {
          case "ChangeView-Thumbnails":
          case "ChangeView-Details":

When a toolbar is about to be updated (for example, when the active area is changed), the ToolbarUpdating event is raised. The event allows you to change toolbar item availability. Use the event argument’s ASPxClientFileManagerToolbarUpdatingEventArgs.activeAreaName property to determine the currently active area. To access a specific toolbar item, use the ASPxClientFileManager.GetToolbarItemByCommandName method.


The complete example is available in the following DevExpress online demo: File Manager - Custom Toolbar.

<dx:ASPxFileManager ID="FileManager" ClientInstanceName="FileManager" runat="server">
     <ClientSideEvents ToolbarUpdating="OnToolbarUpdating" />
               <dx:FileManagerToolbarCustomButton CommandName="Properties">
                    <Image IconID="setup_properties_16x16" />
function OnToolbarUpdating(s, e) {
     var enabled = (e.activeAreaName == "Folders" || FileManager.GetSelectedItems().length > 0) && e.activeAreaName != "None";

See the following help topic for details on how to customize toolbar element appearance: Visual Element - Toolbar.

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