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Bind Ribbon to Data

The ASPxRibbon control can be populated with information from a data source. The control supports binding to data sources containing hierarchical data. Any object that implements the IHierarchicalEnumerable or IHierarchicalDataSource interface (e.g., XmlDataSource) may be used as a data source for the ASPxRibbon control.

A data source can be specified by using either of the following properties.

While binding, the control automatically creates tab objects for the first-level data items, group objects for the second-level items, and item objects for the third-level items. Additionally, the control retrieves the object property values from the corresponding data item attributes. The ASPxRibbon exposes specific data-related properties, allowing you to specify which data source fields the tab, group, and item information should be retrieved from. To learn more, see the Ribbon Data-Related Properties topic.

The ASPxRibbon provides you with specific events related to data binding that you can handle according to your application logic. To learn more, see the Data Binding Events topic.

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