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.NET Framework 4.5.2+

BaseObject Fields

Represents a base persistent class from which business classes can be inherited.
Name Description
AutoSaveOnEndEdit static

Specifies whether changes in a persistent object are automatically committed to a database after you have finished editing the object in a bound control.

To learn more, refer to How to: Control Automatic Saving of Objects when Editing in a Grid and How to: Prevent Changes in a Persistent Object from being Automatically Committed.

Inherited from XPBaseObject.
DisableSmartCreateAssociationListStrategy static Controls how the XPCustomMemberInfo.GetValue method creates a collection object when the XPCustomMemberInfo.MemberType property is set to typeof(XPCollection<T>) or typeof(IList<T>). Inherited from PersistentBase.
IsXpoProfiling static Set this field to true before profiling the application via XPO ProfilerXPO Profiler.
UseUnsafeCreateCollectionStrategy static Specifies whether the return value type of the XPCustomMemberInfo.GetValue method can be different than the XPCustomMemberInfo.MemberType property value. Inherited from PersistentBase.
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