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.NET 6.0+

XPObjectSpaceProvider Properties

Provides Object Space in XPO-based XAF applications.
Name Description
CheckCompatibilityType Specifies how the database and application compatibility is checked.
ConnectionString Specifies the connection string used by the Object Space Provider’s data layer.
InstantFeedbackMappingMode Specifies what properties should be mapped on a grid in the InstantFeedback or InstantFeedbackView mode for all Object Spaces.
IsDisposed Indicates whether an Object Space Provider has been disposed of.
ModuleInfoType Gets the type of the class whose objects are persisted to the ModuleInfo table in the database.
SchemaUpdateMode Specifies how to handle compatibility checking for the database associated with the current XPObjectSpaceProvider.
ServiceProvider Gets the IServiceProvider used to access the application’s services. This IServiceProvider is assigned to the ServiceProvider property of an Object Space initialized by the XPObjectSpaceProvider.
TypesInfo Supplies metadata on types used in an XAF application.
XPDictionary Returns a base class for metadata providers.
XpoTypeInfoSource Returns a source of XPO-related information on business classes.
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