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.NET 6.0+

XPObjectSpace Properties

An Object Space that is used for data manipulation using the DevExpress ORM Tool (XPO).
Name Description
AdditionalObjectSpaces Gets the list of Object Spaces used to handle objects that do not belong to the current Object Space. We recommend that you call the PopulateAdditionalObjectSpaces(XafApplication) method to populate this collection automatically. Inherited from CompositeObjectSpace.
AsyncServerModeSourceDismissSession Obsolete. This property is obsolete (use the ‘InstantFeedbackSourceDismissSession’ field instead).
AsyncServerModeSourceResolveSession Obsolete. This property is obsolete (use the ‘InstantFeedbackSourceResolveSession’ field instead).
AutoCommitAdditionalObjectSpaces Specifies whether the current Object Space’s CommitChanges() method forces additional Object Spaces to commit their changed objects. When this property is set to true, changes to objects that belong to additional Object Spaces mark the Object Space as modified. Inherited from CompositeObjectSpace.
AutoDisposeAdditionalObjectSpaces Specifies whether the current Object Space disposes of its inner Object Spaces from the AdditionalObjectSpaces collection when it disposes itself. Inherited from CompositeObjectSpace.
AutoRefreshAdditionalObjectSpaces Specifies whether the current Object Space refreshes its inner Object Spaces from the AdditionalObjectSpaces collection when it refreshes itself. Inherited from CompositeObjectSpace.
CanFilterByNonPersistentMembers For internal use. Inherited from BaseObjectSpace.
Connection Gets the connection to the underlying data source.
Database Gets the name of the database used when a connection associated with the current Object Space’s XPObjectSpace.Session is opened.
InstantFeedbackMappingMode Specifies what properties should be mapped on a grid in the InstantFeedback or InstantFeedbackView mode.
IsAsyncOperationInProgress Specifies whether an asynchronous operation is in progress.
IsCommitting Indicates whether the Object Space is currently committing the changes made to its object(s). Inherited from BaseObjectSpace.
IsConnected Indicates whether the XPObjectSpace‘s Session is connected to the database.
IsDeleting Indicates whether the current Object Space is about to delete an object(s). Inherited from BaseObjectSpace.
IsDisposed Gets a value indicating whether an Object Space has been disposed of. Inherited from BaseObjectSpace.
IsModified Specifies whether objects belonging to the current Object Space are modified. Inherited from BaseObjectSpace.
IsReloading Gets a boolean value indicating whether or not the Object Space is reloading. Inherited from BaseObjectSpace.
LockingCheckEnabled Specifies whether or not the additional locking check is performed. Inherited from BaseObjectSpace.
ModifiedObjects Returns a collection of objects that have been created, modified or deleted after they were retrieved or committed.
NonPersistentChangesEnabled Specifies whether the BaseObjectSpace is marked as modified (see BaseObjectSpace.IsModified) when a non-persistent property is changed. Inherited from BaseObjectSpace.
Owner Specifies the current Object Space’s root View or the root Object Space if the current Object Space is added to the AdditionalObjectSpaces collection. Inherited from BaseObjectSpace.
ServiceProvider Gets the IServiceProvider used to access the application’s services.
Session Provides access to a Session that is used to load and save persistent objects.
TypesInfo Gets information on the business classes added to the Application Model (see IModelBOModel). Inherited from BaseObjectSpace.
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