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.NET 6.0+

DXSplashScreen Properties

Uses the WinForms Splash Screen Manager and enables a Splash Screen, a Wait Form, a Splash Image, and an Overlay Form in XAF Win applications.
Name Description
CanShowOverlayForm Indicates if the current DXSplashScreen instance can show an Overlay Form.
IsStarted Checks if either of the following splash forms is currently shown: a Splash Screen or a Wait Form.
OverlayFormOptions Gets Overlay Form options.
SplashFormType Gets a Splash Screen form type.
SplashImage Gets a raster image to be shown as a Splash Image.
SplashSvgImage Gets an SVG image to be shown as a Splash Image.
UpdateDelay Defines how often a splash form retrieves and displays status messages. Only Splash Screens and Wait Forms can show status messages.
WaitFormType Returns a Wait Form type.
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