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ISplash.SetDisplayText(String) Method

Sets the text to be displayed by the label located on the default splash screen form.

Namespace: DevExpress.ExpressApp.Win

Assembly: DevExpress.ExpressApp.Win.v19.1.dll


void SetDisplayText(
    string displayText
Sub SetDisplayText(
    displayText As String


Name Type Description
displayText String

A string value representing the text to be shown on the default splash screen form.


The splash screen form shown by a Windows Forms XAF application, by default, contains a label. This label has the "Loading..." text assigned. You can set another text by using the SetDisplayText method of the object returned by the application's SplashScreen property.

static class Program {
    static void Main() {
        MySolutionWindowsFormsApplication application = new MySolutionWindowsFormsApplication();
        try {

The SetDisplayText method must be called before the Setup method call. Otherwise, the splash screen with the default text will be shown.

When implementing a custom splash screen, you do not have to implement the SetDisplayText method:

public class MySplash : ISplash {
    public void SetDisplayText(string displayText) {}

If your splash screen form contains a label, you can set the required text to it explicitely, without additional code.

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