ShowViewStrategyBase.ShowMessage(String, InformationType, Int32, InformationPosition) Method

Namespace: DevExpress.ExpressApp

Assembly: DevExpress.ExpressApp.v18.2.dll


public void ShowMessage(
    string message,
    InformationType type = InformationType.Success,
    int displayInterval = 3000,
    InformationPosition position = InformationPosition.Bottom
Public Sub ShowMessage(
    message As String,
    type As InformationType = InformationType.Success,
    displayInterval As Integer = 3000,
    position As InformationPosition = InformationPosition.Bottom


Type Name Description
String message

A string which is a notification message.

InformationType type

An InformationType value which determines the type of the notification.

Int32 displayInterval

An integer which specifies the duration of the notification displaying. The value indicates milliseconds.

InformationPosition position

An InformationPosition value which determines the position of the notification window in an ASP.NET application. In a WinForms application, this parameter is ignored.


In a WinForms application, the ShowMessage method displays a Toast Notification. In an ASP.NET application, the dxToast widget is displayed at the specified position.

It is recommended to use another ShowMessage overload which takes the MessageOptions parameter. That overload provides more configuration options.

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