PermissionSettingHelper.AddMemberPermission(IPermissionPolicyRole, Type, String, String, String, Nullable<SecurityPermissionState>) Method

Finds the first type permission for the given type in the current role and adds the member permission to it. If the appropriate type permission is not found, it is created.

Namespace: DevExpress.ExpressApp.Security

Assembly: DevExpress.ExpressApp.Security.v18.2.dll


public static IPermissionPolicyMemberPermissionsObject AddMemberPermission(
    this IPermissionPolicyRole role,
    Type type,
    string operations,
    string members,
    string criteria,
    SecurityPermissionState? State
Public Shared Function AddMemberPermission(
    role As IPermissionPolicyRole,
    type As Type,
    operations As String,
    members As String,
    criteria As String,
    State As SecurityPermissionState?
) As IPermissionPolicyMemberPermissionsObject


Type Name Description
IPermissionPolicyRole role

An IPermissionPolicyRole object specifying the security role.

Type type

A Type object specifying the target type.

String operations

A string containing the semicolon-separated list of security operations. Operation names and their delimiter are defined by string constants declared in the static SecurityOperations class.

String members

A string containing the semicolon-separated list of target member names.

String criteria

A string containing the criteria expression that specifies the target object(s).

Nullable<SecurityPermissionState> State

A SecurityPermissionState enumeration value specifying if access is granted or denied.


Type Description

A DevExpress.Persistent.Base.IPermissionPolicyMemberPermissionsObject object specifying the added member permission.

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