.NET Framework 4.5.2+
.NET Framework 4.5.2+
.NET Standard 2.0+
.NET Core 3.0+

ReportsModuleV2 Properties

The module contained in the DevExpress.ExpressApp.ReportsV2.v20.2.dll assembly.
Name Description
AdditionalControllerTypes Contains manually specified Controllers to be loaded to the Application Model. Inherited from ModuleBase.
AdditionalExportedTypes Contains manually specified business classes to be loaded to the Application Model. Inherited from ModuleBase.
Application Provides access to an XafApplication object that can be used to manage the current application. Inherited from ModuleBase.
AssemblyName For internal use only. Inherited from ModuleBase.
CanRaiseEvents protected Gets a value indicating whether the component can raise an event. Inherited from Component.
Container Gets the IContainer that contains the Component. Inherited from Component.
Description Specifies a textual description of a module. Inherited from ModuleBase.
DiffsStore For internal use. Inherited from ModuleBase.
EnableInplaceReports Specifies whether inplace reports are enabled.
Events protected Gets the list of event handlers that are attached to this Component. Inherited from Component.
InplaceReportsCacheHelper Gets an object that provides helper methods used to manage in-place reports cache.
ModelDifferenceResourceName This property is intended for internal use. Inherited from ModuleBase.
ModuleManager Provides access to the ApplicationModulesManager object, which contains information on the modules currenly added to the application. Inherited from ModuleBase.
Name Gets the full name of a module's type. Inherited from ModuleBase.
ReportDataType Specifies the report data type used by the Reports V2 module.
ReportsDataSourceHelper Specifies an object that provides helper methods and events used to manage reports and their data sources.
ReportStoreMode Specifies the format used to store reports in the ReportsStorage.
RequiredModuleTypes Provides access to the collection of modules that are added to the current module via the Module Designer. Inherited from ModuleBase.
ResourcesExportedToModel Provides access to a collection of Resource Localizers used in the current module to extend the Application Model's IModelLocalization node. Inherited from ModuleBase.
ShowAdditionalNavigation Specifies the default value for the IModelNavigationItemsForReports.GenerateRelatedReportsGroup property.
Site Gets or sets the ISite of the Component. Inherited from Component.
Version Gets the major, minor, revision, and build numbers of a module's assembly. Inherited from ModuleBase.
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