PredefinedReportsUpdater.AddPredefinedReport<T>(String, Type, Type, Boolean) Method

Adds the specified predefined report to the PredefinedReportsUpdater instance.

Namespace: DevExpress.ExpressApp.ReportsV2

Assembly: DevExpress.ExpressApp.ReportsV2.v18.2.dll


public void AddPredefinedReport<T>(
    string displayName,
    Type dataType,
    Type parametersObjectType,
    bool isInplaceReport
    where T : XtraReport
Public Sub AddPredefinedReport(Of T As XtraReport)(
    displayName As String,
    dataType As Type,
    parametersObjectType As Type,
    isInplaceReport As Boolean


Type Name Description
String displayName

A string which is the report's display name.

Type dataType

A type of the business object used by the report's data source.

Type parametersObjectType

A type of Parameters Object (see Data Filtering in Reports V2).

Boolean isInplaceReport

A boolean value that indicates whether or not the report is an inplace report.

Type Parameters

Name Description


The AddPredefinedReport<T> method's generic parameter specifies the report type (the type of an XtraReport descendant specifying the predefined report layout). An example of using this method is available in the PredefinedReportsUpdater topic.

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