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.NET Framework 4.5.2+

IObjectSpace Events

Declares members implemented by Object Space.
Name Description
Committed Occurs after persistent object changes are stored in the database.
Committing Occurs before persistent objects are saved to the database.
ConfirmationRequired Occurs when performing refresh or rollback operations with the current Object Space’s persistent objects.
Connected Occurs after a connection to a database has been established.
CustomCommitChanges Replaces the default commit logic with a custom one.
CustomDeleteObjects The IObjectSpace.Delete method raises the CustomDeleteObjects event. Handle this event to replace the default persistent object deletion logic with custom logic.
CustomRefresh Replace the default processes of refreshing persistent objects with a custom one.
CustomRollBack Replaces the default process of persistent objects rollback with a custom one.
Disposed Occurs after an Object Space has been disposed of.
ModifiedChanged Occurs when the current Object Space’s IObjectSpace.IsModified state is changed.
ObjectChanged Occurs when a persistent object is created, deleted or changed (when the objects’ INotifyPropertyChanged.PropertyChanged event occurs).
ObjectDeleted Occurs after the specified objects have been deleted from the dataset.
ObjectDeleting Occurs when the specified objects are about to be deleted.
ObjectEndEdit Occurs after ending an edit operation taking place on the specified object.
ObjectReloaded Occurs after an object is reloaded from the database.
ObjectSaved Occurs after saving changes made to a specified persistent object to the database.
ObjectSaving Occurs before saving changes made to a specified persistent object to the database.
Refreshing Occurs before refreshing the current Object Space’s persistent objects.
Reloaded Occurs after the current Object Space reconnects to the database.
RollingBack Occurs before rolling back the changes made to the current Object Space’s persistent objects.
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