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.NET 6.0+
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IBlazorApplicationBuilder Members

The fluent API-based application builder that allows you to configure your ASP.NET Core Blazor application (add extra Modules, enable the Security System, and so on).


Name Description
ApplicationFactory Specifies the delegate that creates BlazorApplication. We recommend that you use the BlazorApplicationBuilderExtensions.UseApplication method instead.
Modules Provides access to IModuleBuilder<TContext> that allows you to register and configure Modules in your application. Inherited from IXafApplicationBuilder<TBuilder>.
ObjectSpaceProviders Provides access to IObjectSpaceProviderServiceBasedBuilder that allows you to configure Object Spaces used in your application.
Security Provides access to IBlazorSecurityBuilder that allows you to configure the Security System.
Services The IServiceCollection object that configures additional services of an XAF application. Inherited from IXafApplicationBuilder<TBuilder>.


Name Description
AddBuildStep(Action<XafApplication>) Configures the application on its initialization. Allows you to customize the application during its creation. Inherited from IXafApplicationBuilder<TBuilder>.
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