CommandException(String, PositionInScript) Constructor

Initializes a new instance of the CommandException class.

Namespace: DevExpress.EasyTest.Framework

Assembly: DevExpress.EasyTest.v18.2.dll


public CommandException(
    string errorMessage,
    PositionInScript startPosition
Public Sub New(
    errorMessage As String,
    startPosition As PositionInScript


Type Name Description
String errorMessage

A string that describes an error that has occured.

DevExpress.EasyTest.Framework.PositionInScript startPosition

The PositionInScript object that specifies the position of the command that is being executed.


Use this constructor to create an instance of the CommandException class when it is required to handle an error in EasyTest command implementation (e.g. wrong parameter count). To get the current position in the script, use the Command.StartPosition property. An example is provided in the How to: Implement a Custom EasyTest Command topic.

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