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How to: Show or Hide a Row or Column

This example demonstrates how to control the visibility of rows and columns in a worksheet using the Row.Visible and Column.Visible properties.


You can also hide a row or column in a worksheet by setting the row height (Row.Height) or column width (Column.Width, Column.WidthInCharacters or Column.WidthInPixels) to 0, respectively (see the How to: Specify Row Height or Column Width document).

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Worksheet worksheet = workbook.Worksheets[0];

// Hide the 8th row of the worksheet.
worksheet.Rows[7].Visible = false;

// Hide the 4th column of the worksheet.
worksheet.Columns[3].Visible = false;

The image below shows how to hide and unhide worksheet rows and columns via the SpreadsheetControl user interface.


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