Main Features

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Snap is a simplified WinForms reporting platform that allows end-users to easily generate reports using a familiar Microsoft Word-inspired interface.

WYSIWYG Reporting

Snap combines the intuitive word-processing functionality of the DevExpress WinForms Rich Text Editor with the power of a traditional report designer. This easy-to-use WYSIWYG interface allows end-users to create, modify and preview reports in the same way they will appear on printed paper.

Master-Detail Mail-Merge Documents

Snap allows you to use mail-merge functionality in reports, with support for master-detail data sources, in-place filtering and document navigation.

Supported File Formats

Create reports in Snap by loading documents in common formats and embedding business data. Choose from a variety of formats for export to publish your reports.

Extended Data Connectivity

Snap provides the Create Data Source wizard to link a document with an external data source, as well as the feature-rich Query Builder to customize the data source settings and shape the incoming data.

Multiple Data Sources and Side-by-Side Reports

Snap enables you to bind documents to multiple data sources that are independent of each other, to combine different data in a single report.

This allows you to create side-by-side comparison reports or a multi-column layout by utilizing tables.

Extended Data Shaping

The Snap data shaping capabilities include grouping, sorting, filtering, formatting, summary calculation, calculated fields and parameters.

Data Visualization Tools

Snap ships with a powerful collection of data visualization tools, including charts, sparklines, bar codes, and more.

Pre-Defined Appearances

You can easily modify the appearance of a Snap report by applying a built-in template.

Document Automation

Snap provides a complete programming interface to create and customize documents from code. The Snap API is also included in the Office File API, to automatically generate mail-merge documents on the server.