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Magnifier Behavior

This behavior supplies the DevExpress color selector editors with an additional button that invokes the MagnifierDialog. It allows users to choose colors from anywhere on the screen. A selected color is assigned to the editor’s EditValue property automatically.

Magnifier - Behavior

Supported Controls

You can attach this behavior to all ColorEdit descendants. Holding down the Ctrl key lowers the Magnifier sensitivity, which allows users to hover over desired elements more accurately when zoomed in.

Behavior Options

  • CloseOnMouseClick - specifies whether the Magnifier automatically closes immediately after a user picks a color.
  • ColorFormat - specifies whether the Magnifier displays hovered and selected colors in RGB or HEX format. This affects the Magnifier’s runtime appearance only- in code both colors are always stored as ARGB values.
  • InitialZoomFactor - the initial Magnifier zoom level.
  • PickColorToClipboard - if equals true,
  • ImageOptions - allows you to replace the default Magnifier button icon.
  • ShowPixelGrid - if enabled, the Magnifier shows a grid when zoomed.
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