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You are viewing help content for pre-release software. This document and the features it describes are subject to change.

DevExpress Scheduler for .NET MAUI

The DevExpress Scheduler for .NET MAUI displays appointments and allows users to manage them. The control has a consistent look and feel on both platforms: iOS and Android.

[DevExpress Scheduler for .NET MAUI - Month View](xref:DevExpress.Maui.Scheduler.MonthView)

Download and install the DevExpress.Maui.Scheduler package from the DevExpress NuGet Gallery to obtain the MonthView, WeekView, WorkWeekView, and DayView components. See the following help topic for more information: Get Started with DevExpress Mobile UI for .NET MAUI.

View Example: Get Started with Scheduler for .NET MAUI


The control can display appointments for different time periods: month, week (or work week), and day. The image below illustrates week and day views.

[DevExpress Scheduler for .NET MAUI - Day and Week Views](xref:DevExpress.Maui.Scheduler.MonthView)