DevExpress Reports for Blazor contains feature-rich reporting components that you can use in applications with the Blazor Server hosting model.

Report Viewer (Native)

The DevExpress Blazor Report Viewer is a native Blazor control that allows users to preview, print, and export reports to various formats.

Report Viewer Overview

Report Viewer (JavaScript Based)

The DevExpress Blazor Document Viewer is a JavaScript control integrated in the Blazor framework that allows users to publish (preview, print, and export) documents in Blazor applications.

Document Viewer Overview

Report Designer (JavaScript Based)

The DevExpress Blazor Report Designer allows end users to create and edit reports in JavaScript-based applications.

Report Designer Overview

Online Demos


The topics below demonstrate how to create a Blazor application with the reporting components in Visual Studio:

The following documentation section describes how to design reports in Visual Studio:

Refer to the following documentation sections for information on how to use the Blazor reporting components: