HtmlEditorDocumentSelectorFileListSettings Members

Contains settings to customize the file list within the Image Selector or Document Selector.


Name Description
HtmlEditorDocumentSelectorFileListSettings(IPropertiesOwner) Initializes a new instance of the HtmlEditorDocumentSelectorFileListSettings class with the specified owner.


Name Description
AllowCustomizeFolderDisplayText Specifies whether it is allowed to customize the folder display text. Inherited from FileManagerSettingsFileList.
DetailsViewSettings Gets the settings of the file list details view. Inherited from FileManagerSettingsFileList.
PageSize Specifies the number of items that are currently uploaded to the file container. Inherited from FileManagerSettingsFileList.
ShowFolders Specifies whether file list displays folders in the File Manager used in the Document Selector.
ShowParentFolder Specifies the parent folder element visibility in the Document Selector.
ThumbnailsViewSettings Gets the settings of the file list thumbnails view. Inherited from FileManagerSettingsFileList.
View Gets or sets the view of ASPxFileManager items in the file list . Inherited from FileManagerSettingsFileList.


Name Description
Assign(PropertiesBase) Copies the settings from the specified PropertiesBase object to the current object. Inherited from FileManagerSettingsFileList.
Changed(PropertiesBase) For internal use only. Inherited from FileManagerSettingsBase.
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