ASPxHtmlEditor.GetInsertImageDialogConstrainProportionsTop() Method

Returns the ImageProperties object representing the top part of a specific constrain proportions image within the ASPxHtmlEditor's Insert image dialog.

Namespace: DevExpress.Web.ASPxHtmlEditor

Assembly: DevExpress.Web.ASPxHtmlEditor.v19.2.dll


public ImageProperties GetInsertImageDialogConstrainProportionsTop()
Public Function GetInsertImageDialogConstrainProportionsTop As ImageProperties


Type Description

An ImageProperties object that contains image settings.


A specific constrain proportions image is displayed within the Insert Image dialog of the ASPxHtmlEditor, and indicates whether the proportions of the inserted (or edited) image are constrained. The constrain proportion image can be displayed as a switched on (ASPxHtmlEditor-ConstrainProportionsImageOn) or switched off (ASPxHtmlEditor-ConstrainProportionsImageOff) image.


The constrain proportions image consists of three parts - specific top, middle and bottom images.

The top part of the image (ASPxHtmlEditor-ConstrainProportionsImage-Top) is defined by using the HtmlEditorImages.InsertImageDialogConstrainProportionsTop property.

The middle part of the constrain proportions image can be displayed as either a switched on image (ASPxHtmlEditor-ConstrainProportionsImage-Middle-SwitchedOn) or switched off image (ASPxHtmlEditor-ConstrainProportionsImage-Middle-SwitchedOff) whose settings are defined using the HtmlEditorImages.InsertImageDialogConstrainProportionsMiddleOn or HtmlEditorImages.InsertImageDialogConstrainProportionsMiddleOff property, respectively.

The bottom part of the image (ASPxHtmlEditor-ConstrainProportionsImage-Bottom) can be defined via the HtmlEditorImages.InsertImageDialogConstrainProportionsBottom property.

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