Loading Panel

The Loading Panel is displayed within an ASPxFileManager control while waiting for a callback response. Under the loading panel, a Loading Div element, covering the particular control, can be displayed. By default, this element is transparent. Specify the element's style settings to show it.

ASPXFileManager - Loading Panel

If the FileManagerSettingsFolders.EnableCallBacks property is set to true, the first expansion of a folder initiates a callback to the server to obtain the folder's child folders. In this case, a specific Node Loading Panel is displayed near the folder being expanded while waiting for a callback response.

ASPxFileManager - NodeLoading Panel

The table below lists the main members that affect element appearance and functionality.

Characteristics Members
Div Element Style FileManagerStyles.LoadingDiv
Loading Panel Image ImagesBase.LoadingPanel
Node Loading Panel Image FileManagerImages.FolderContainerNodeLoadingPanel
Image's Position SettingsLoadingPanel.ImagePosition
Image's Visibility SettingsLoadingPanel.ShowImage
Style FileManagerStyles.LoadingPanel
Text SettingsLoadingPanel.Text
Visibility SettingsLoadingPanel.Enabled