Customization Window Overview

By default, the Customization Window is disabled. To enable it, set the TreeListSettingsCustomizationWindow.Enabled property to true.

Customization Window's Functionality

End-users can drag column headers, and move them to the Customization Window. Placing the column's header into the Customization Window sets the column's Visible property to false.

To access and customize the Customization Window's settings, use the ASPxTreeList.SettingsCustomizationWindow property. These settings allow you to specify the Customization Window's availability, caption, position, etc.

Showing and Hiding

The Customization Window can be managed on the client. The ASPxClientTreeList provides the following Client-Side API:


The ASPxTreeList provides a set of style properties that allow you to customize the appearance of various elements displayed within the Customization Window.