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Nodes are represented by TreeListNode objects, and correspond to data source records. The TreeListNode.Key property specifies a node’s key value, that uniquely identifies the node within the ASPxTreeList.


Since the ASPxTreeList represents data in a tree, nodes are stored as nested collections. The Root node is a parent node for all nodes displayed within the ASPxTreeList. This is a special node which isn’t displayed within the ASPxTreeList. The collection of its child nodes can be accessed via the ASPxTreeList.Nodes property. Nodes contained within this collection are displayed as root nodes. A node’s parent can be obtained via the TreeListNode.ParentNode property.

Each node has its own collection of child nodes. This collection can be accessed via the TreeListNode.ChildNodes property.

To obtain a list of all nodes contained within the ASPxTreeList, use the ASPxTreeList.GetAllNodes method.



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