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File Dialogs

The Open and Save As file dialogs allow users to open and save ASPxRichEdit files.

Use the AllowedFileExtensions property to specify which file extensions should be displayed in the open and save dialogs.

<dx:ASPxRichEdit ID="DemoRichEdit" runat="server">
        <CommonSettings AllowedFileExtensions=".docx, .doc" />

Open (Document Selector)

This dialog allows an end-user to browse server folders and select a file to open. An end-user can also upload files from his/her client computer, and then open the uploaded file in the ASPxRichEdit. The settings of the Open dialog can be customized using the ASPxRichEdit.SettingsDocumentSelector properties.


Because the ASPxFileManager control is integrated into the Open dialog, all file/folder management, access control, and upload capabilities are available to you out-of-the-box.

Save As

This dialog prompts an end-user to save a file in the predefined location specifying the file name or download a copy of the file.


Save As (Selecting Destination Folder or File)

This dialog is a useful addition to the Save As dialog, allowing end-users to manage the save operation destination by using a point-and-click UI, rather than typing names manually. This dialog can be invoked using a specific edit button that is displayed within the Save As dialog by default.