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Formatting Characters

Characters can be formatted using different settings for font, font size, character style - bold, italics, underlined, strike-through style, and different colors for background and foreground. You can specify the characters’ formatting using the Ribbon UI, Font Dialog or RichEditCommands.changeFontFormatting client command in code.


The following table lists default keyboard shortcuts for some commands used to format text. You can duplicate these commands in code using the corresponding client command.

Key Combination Description Client Command
CTRL+B Toggles the bold style on the selection. RichEditCommands.changeFontBold
CTRL+I Toggles the italic style on the selection. RichEditCommands.changeFontItalic
CTRL+U Toggles the underline style on the selection. RichEditCommands.changeFontUnderline
CTRL+OEMPLUS Toggles the subscript style on the selection. RichEditCommands.changeFontSubscript
CTRL+SHIFT+OEMPLUS Toggles the superscript style on the selection. RichEditCommands.changeFontSuperscript
CTRL+D Invokes the Font dialog that allows you to change the font, size and style of selected text. RichEditCommands.openFontFormattingDialog
CTRL+SPACE Resets the formatting of the selected text to default. RichEditCommands.clearFormatting