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Inline Pictures


The RichEdit allows inserting pictures into a document as inline images or floating objects.


This document describes inline pictures. For information about floating pictures, refer to the Floating Objects article.


Programmatically, information about an inline picture is exposed through the InlinePictureInfo client object. A list of these objects in the active sub-document can be accessed through the inlinePicturesInfo client property (SubDocument.inlinePicturesInfo) in the following notation:


An inline picture can be defined using the following characteristics.

Client API

The following client commands are available for manipulating inline pictures in a document. Call the commands in the notation given below:


Command Name Link Description
changePictureScale RichEditCommands.changePictureScale Gets a command to scale a selected in-line picture.
insertPicture RichEditCommands.insertPicture Gets a command to insert an inline picture stored by the specified web address.
openInsertPictureDialog RichEditCommands.openInsertPictureDialog Gets a command to invoke the Insert Image dialog window.

Manipulation Through UI

End-users can insert images using the Insert Image dialog. It can be invoked by a click on the Inline Picture ribbon command located in the ribbon’s Insert tab in the Illustrations group.