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DevExpress .NET products can be localized for specific languages and locales. You can localize UI element text (such as dialog boxes, button captions, menu items and error messages), numbers, date and time values, and currencies.


You can use the following approaches to localize DevExpress ASP.NET controls.

  • Satellite Resource Assemblies

    The most common approach for the .NET Framework. DevExpress provides a Localization Service that allows you to modify existing translations, and compile and download satellite assemblies.

  • Localizer Objects

    Use localizer objects to access resource string values and override them at runtime.

  • Global Resources

    The native ASP.NET approach. In v12.1 and higher, we recommend that you use the Satellite Resource Assemblies instead.

  • UI Localization Client

    The UI Localization Client allows you to quickly identify non-translated strings of DevExpress UI controls and translate them during a debug session. The utility automatically generates a RESX file(s) with translated resources and adds it to the project.

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