Navigation Bar

The Navigation Bar is displayed next to the image area at its left, right, bottom, or top. The Navigation Bar allows end-users to fast navigate among images. The bar can be represented by dots or thumbnails on the ImageSliderNavigationBarSettings.Mode property.


Additionally, the Navigation Bar can display page navigation buttons.

The table below lists the main members that affect element appearance.

Characteristics Members
Visibility ASPxImageSlider.ShowNavigationBar
Position ImageSliderNavigationBarSettings.Position
Mode ImageSliderNavigationBarSettings.Mode
Settings ASPxImageSlider.SettingsNavigationBar

The Navigation Bar allows you to specify the particular style settings for each mode and position of bar. The table below lists available members.

Position Thumbnails Mode Dots Mode
Left ImageSliderStyles.NavigationBarThumbnailsModeLeft ImageSliderStyles.NavigationBarDotsModeLeft
Right ImageSliderStyles.NavigationBarThumbnailsModeRight ImageSliderStyles.NavigationBarDotsModeRight
Bottom ImageSliderStyles.NavigationBarThumbnailsModeBottom ImageSliderStyles.NavigationBarDotsModeBottom
Top ImageSliderStyles.NavigationBarThumbnailsModeTop ImageSliderStyles.NavigationBarDotsModeTop
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