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Paragraphs are the most basic units of block-level content within a document. A paragraph defines a distinct division of content that begins on a new line. As text content, paragraphs are stored within a sub-document’s text buffer. The end of paragraphs is marked with a specific paragraph end symbol (¶).


A paragraph is a logical unit that contains paragraph-specific settings and that defines to which text buffer interval these settings should be applied. Programmatically, a paragraph is implemented as the Paragraph client object. A list of paragraph objects in the active sub-document can be accessed through the paragraphsInfo client property (SubDocument.paragraphsInfo) in the following notation.


You also can use the SubDocument.findParagraphs method to get portion of paragraphs that intersect the specified position or intervals.

A paragraph can be fully defined using the following characteristics (some of them are optional).

Paragraph Properties

Paragraphs expose their own paragraph-specific formatting settings. Some examples of paragraph properties are alignment, spacing and indentation. Information about paragraph formatting is exposed by client API - through the properties of the ParagraphFormattingSettings client object. This object is used in the changeParagraphFormatting client command (RichEditCommands.changeParagraphFormatting): in its execute method’s parameter and in the getState method’s return value.

Client API

The following client commands are available for applying paragraph formatting directly to the text. Call the commands in the notation given below:


Command Name Link Description
addSpacingAfterParagraph RichEditCommands.addSpacingAfterParagraph Gets a command to add spacing after a paragraph.
addSpacingBeforeParagraph RichEditCommands.addSpacingBeforeParagraph Gets a command to add spacing before a paragraph.
changeParagraphBackColor RichEditCommands.changeParagraphBackColor Gets a command to change the background color of paragraphs in a selected range.
changeParagraphFormatting RichEditCommands.changeParagraphFormatting Gets a command to apply formatting settings to paragraphs within a selected range.
changeTabs RichEditCommands.changeTabs Gets a command to change the default tab stop value of a document and apply custom tab settings to the selected paragraphs.
decreaseIndent RichEditCommands.decreaseIndent Gets a command to decrease the indent level of paragraphs in a selected range.
decrementParagraphLeftIndent RichEditCommands.decrementParagraphLeftIndent Gets a command to decrement the paragraph’s left indent position.
increaseIndent RichEditCommands.increaseIndent Gets a command to increment the indent level of paragraphs in a selected range.
incrementParagraphLeftIndent RichEditCommands.incrementParagraphLeftIndent Gets a command to increment the left indent of paragraphs in a selected range.
openParagraphFormattingDialog RichEditCommands.openParagraphFormattingDialog Gets a command to invoke the Indents And Spacing tab of the Paragraph dialog window.
openTabsDialog RichEditCommands.openTabsDialog Gets a command to invoke the Tabs dialog window.
removeSpacingAfterParagraph RichEditCommands.removeSpacingAfterParagraph Gets a command to remove spacing after the selected paragraph.
removeSpacingBeforeParagraph RichEditCommands.removeSpacingBeforeParagraph Gets a command to remove spacing before the selected paragraph.
setDoubleParagraphSpacing RichEditCommands.setDoubleParagraphSpacing Gets a command to format a selected paragraph with double line spacing.
setSesquialteralParagraphSpacing RichEditCommands.setSesquialteralParagraphSpacing Gets a command to format a current paragraph with one and a half line spacing.
setSingleParagraphSpacing RichEditCommands.setSingleParagraphSpacing Gets a command to format a current paragraph with single line spacing.
toggleParagraphAlignmentCenter RichEditCommands.toggleParagraphAlignmentCenter Gets a command to toggle centered paragraph alignment on and off.
toggleParagraphAlignmentJustify RichEditCommands.toggleParagraphAlignmentJustify Gets a command to toggle justified paragraph alignment on and off.
toggleParagraphAlignmentLeft RichEditCommands.toggleParagraphAlignmentLeft Gets a command to toggle left paragraph alignment on and off.
toggleParagraphAlignmentRight RichEditCommands.toggleParagraphAlignmentRight Gets a command to toggle right paragraph alignment on and off.

Paragraph Styles

To uniformly format multiple paragraphs, a paragraph style can be used. A paragraph style is a detached container of specific character and paragraph formatting settings. It allows you to apply a similar format to all required characters and paragraphs at once.


If a certain text formatting property (for example, bold or indent) is set directly within the text as a character or paragraph property, style formatting is not applied to this setting (the style property setting does not override the explicitly defined character or paragraph property setting). To reset character or paragraph formatting, use the RichEditCommands.clearFormatting client command.

Client API

A list of paragraph styles can be accessed using the following paragraphStylesInfo property in the notation given below.


Property Name Link Description
paragraphStylesInfo RichEditDocument.paragraphStylesInfo Returns information about paragraph styles in the document.

To apply a paragraph style to the text, use the following changeStyle client command in the notation given below.


Command Name Link Description
changeStyle RichEditCommands.changeStyle Gets a command to apply a character or paragraph style settings to text in a selected range.

Paragraph formatting can be modified using a number of ribbon commands and a specific dialog. See the Formatting Paragraphs topic for more information.