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RichEditCommands.changeTabs Property

Gets a command to change the default tab stop value of a document and apply custom tab settings to the selected paragraphs.


readonly changeTabs: ChangeTabsCommand

Property Value

Type Description

An object that provides methods that execute the command and check its state.


Call the execute(settings) method to invoke the command. The method checks the command state (obtained via the getState method) to determine whether the action can be performed.

The command includes size parameters assigned in twips. Use the ASPxClientRichEdit.unitConverter to convert size measure units (inches, points, pixels, centimeters) to twips.

Usage example:

var tabSettings = {
    defaultTabStop: richEdit.unitConverter.pixelsToTwips(40),
    tabs: [{
        alignment: ASPx.TabAlign.Center,
        leader: ASPx.TabLeaderType.ThickLine,
        position: richEdit.unitConverter.pixelsToTwips(90),
        deleted: false
    }, {
        alignment: ASPx.TabAlign.Right,
        leader: ASPx.TabLeaderType.EqualSign,
        position: richEdit.unitConverter.pixelsToTwips(200),
        deleted: false


Refer to the following section for more information: Client Commands.

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