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WinApplication Fields

Manages a WinForms XAF application.

Name Description
Confirmations static

Gets the name on the Localization node's child node that provides access to the localizable confirmations texts.

(Inherited from XafApplication)
CurrentVersion static

For internal use only.

(Inherited from XafApplication)

A string specifying the command line argument which prohibits saving the user differences. When this argument is passed, the WinApplication.IgnoreUserModelDiffs property is set to true.

ModelCacheLocationKey static

The name of the configuration file key, which specifies the Application Model cache file location (see XafApplication.EnableModelCache).

(Inherited from XafApplication)

A string, which is the command line argument prefix, specifying the model differences directory path. When the argument with this prefix is passed, the remaining part of the argument is set to the WinApplication.ModelDifferenceFilePath property.


Contains the name of the configuration file key, specifying the path to the folder with a new application version.

OptionsNodeName static

For internal use only.

(Inherited from XafApplication)
TablePrefixesKey static

For internal use.

(Inherited from XafApplication)
TraceLogLocationKey static

Specifies the setting in the configuration file's appSettings section. This setting specifies the log file location.

(Inherited from XafApplication)

The name of the configuration file key, which specifies the user differences file location.

XafApplicationLogonCatchExceptionKey static

Specifies a string identifier for exceptions occurred while logging on to the application.

(Inherited from XafApplication)
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