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.NET 6.0+

CloneObjectViewController Fields

A ViewController descendant that contains the Clone action.
Name Description
CloneObjectActionId Gets a string identifier of the CloneObjectViewController.CloneObjectAction.
CloneObjectActionImageName Gets the name of the image used as the ActionBase.ImageName of the CloneObjectViewController.CloneObjectAction Action.
ControllerActiveKey static Specifies one of the keys from the ActionBase.Active collection of a Controller‘s Controller.Actions. By default, this field value is “Controller active”. You can use this field when working with the ActionBase.Active collection. Inherited from Controller.
IsNotModifiedEnabledKey An ActionBase.Enabled property’s key name. This key indicates that the CloneObjectViewController.CloneObjectAction should be enabled or disabled due to CloneObjectViewController.AllowCloneWhenModified and BaseObjectSpace.IsModified values.
ViewIsAssignedReason static Specifies the Controller.Active list’s reason that indicates whether a View is assigned to the current ViewController. Inherited from ViewController.
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