ThemeBase Properties

Represents the base class for the GridControl themes.
Name Description
AndroidRefreshCustomizer Customizes the color of the Android refreshing bar.
AutoFilterPanelCustomizer Customizes the Auto-Filter panel.
CellCustomizer Customizes grid cell's visual attributes such as font, background color and so on.
ColumnChooserCustomizer Customizes the Column Chooser.
DialogFormCustomizer Customizes both the Column Chooser and the Popup Edit Form.
EditorCustomizer Customizes editors located within the Auto-Filter panel.
FilterPanelCustomizer Customizes the filter panel.
GridControlCustomizer Customizes GridControl's visual attributes (such as background and border colors, border thickness and so on).
GroupCustomizer Customizes group rows.
HeaderCustomizer Customizes GridControl header's visual attributes (such as font, background and border color), the arrows shown while sorting grid values and so on.
IOSRefreshCustomizer Customizes the color of the iOS refreshing icon.
LoadMoreViewCustomizer Customizes the Load More panel shown when an end-user scrolls to the bottom of the grid.
Name Gets the name of the applied grid theme.
NewItemRowCustomizer Customizes the New Item Row.
SaveCancelButtonsPanelCustomizer Customizes the Apply/Cancel panel that appears when you either add a new row to a grid or edit grid data with the Inplace row edit mode.
TotalSummaryCustomizer Customizes the total summaries appearance.
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